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A receipt for nominating petitions is filled out for a candidate for an Elgin office in 2012. | Michael Smart/Sun-Times Media

Under the gun in petition challenges

A couple of months after Julieus Hooks signed a political party’s nominating petitions, a man with a gun walked up to Hooks as he left his home in Oak Park. The man said he was a private investigator. He told Hooks the petition that he had signed was fraudulent and asked him to sign something. Hooks hastily agreed to sign the paper. This isn’t something out of a V.I. Warshawski novel. It’s part of the behind-the-scenes legal maneuvering that Democrats and Republicans alike are engaging in to help boost the chances for their candidates for governor in November.


GOP rep vows visit to state agency to find missing NRI emails

SPRINGFIELD-A key House Republican involved in the legislative probe of Gov. Pat Quinn’s 2010 Neighborhood Recovery Initiative announced plans Wednesday to personally visit a state agency to mine additional staff emails involving the program that the lawmaker believes have been withheld improperly by the administration.

Bruce Rauner is chairman of The Committee for Legislative Reform and Term Limits, which gathered 600,000 signatures for the proposed ballot measure. | Seth Perlman/AP

Rauner vows to take term-limits case to state Supreme Court

SPRINGFIELD — Republican Bruce Rauner has asked his lawyers to draft an immeidate appeal to the Illinois Supreme Court after an appeals court Wednesday upheld a lower court's ruling that would block a November ballot initiative to impose legislative term limits and change the composition of the state House and Senate.

Bruce Rauner's been pushing Uber business, but it's Quinn's camp that uses the ride-sharing program more often.

Rauner pushes Uber; but Quinn's camp uses it more often

Bruce Rauner has been a vocal proponent of Uber, urging Gov. Pat Quinn to veto a bill that would require the popular driving service to succumb to similar regulations that the taxi industry faces. But when it comes to actually using the ride-sharing program, it's Quinn who is the better customer.  

Republican Bruce Rauner Tuesday dimisses questions about his ties to financial investments in the Cayman Islands, calling them "standard practice" in the private-equity world. | Chicago Sun-Times photo/Dave McKinney

Rauner: Caymans investments not an important issue to voters

SPRINGFIELD-Republican Bruce Rauner Tuesday dismissed questions about his financial ties to the secretive Cayman Islands as a Democratic-driven “red herring,” calling it a “distraction” by Gov. Pat Quinn from his failed tax policies. In Chicago, Quinn hit Rauner over outsourcing allegations with regard to the venture capitalist's companies.

Basilios "Bill" Mataragas said all the gubernatorial politics around this year's Greek Independence parade left him sleepless.

Greek parade organizer: Rauner, Quinn lineup left him sleepless

Bruce Rauner has said he was so angry about an attempt to drive him out of the Greek International Parade last March, that he said he came close to "punching" somebody. Parade organizer Basilios Dimitrios Mataragas said he didn't know of an attempt to kick Rauner out — but Mataragas said he was left sleepless by all the political jockeying in the days before the parade.

Brian S. Lambrecht gathers signatures for Libertarian Party candidates on April 25 outside the UIC Forum, where people were gathering for BaconFest Chicago.

Illinois November ballot likely to take shape this week

How the Illinois ballot will look this November might get a lot clearer by the end of the week. Democratic and Republican candidates are assured of their places on the ballot, but whether the names of candidates from "non-established" parties will be there is not yet known.

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