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Artist rendering of proposed development complex.

China's second-richest man to build third-tallest building

Former Gov. George Ryan visited Cuba in 1999 and met with then-President Fidel Castro. | AP Photo/M. Spencer Green

George Ryan applauds move on Cuba, says will be good for Illinois

Former Gov. George Ryan visited Cuba in 1999 and met with then-President Fidel Castro. It was the first visit by a U.S. governor to Cuba since Castro's 1959 revolution.

Russian President Vladimir Putin still has the support of his country, even with a declining Ruble. | Getty Images

Vladimir Putin is nearly twice as popular as Barack Obama

Russian President Vladimir Putin is leading a country that has seen the value of its ruble tank, losing more than half its value. And his aggression in Ukraine has turned Russia into an international pariah.

Peoples Stadium Parking has been parking cars on city-owned land just east of the United Center. This lot in the 1700 block of West Madison contains two parcels owned by the city. | Alex Wroblewski/Sun-Times

Emanuel halts private parking on city lots near United Center

THE WATCHDOGS: For nearly 20 years, three politically connected companies have been using city-owned property, without paying rent or property taxes on the land, to park cars in the shadows of the United Center.

Three Ways ACA is affecting Business

More often than not, when healthcare reform is brought up, the impact and the interests of businesses are lumped together, as if each faces with the same challenges as the next.

Alan Gross takes a selfie with his wife, Judy Gross, on board a government plane headed back to the United States from Cuba on Dec. 17, 2014. | Official White House photo by Lawrence Jackson

Durbin, Kirk split on Obama’s shift on Cuba policy

Sen. Dick Durbin, who has worked for years to secure Alan Gross’ freedom, said establishing diplomatic relations with Cuba and relaxing sanctions was “long overdue.” Sen. Mark Kirk said getting Gross out of prison was a “welcome relief” but the deal amounted to “appeasement” because it included a related prisoner swap. A statement from Rep. Peter Roskam, R-Ill., echoed Kirk’s concerns.