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In 2013, a U.S. District Court judge ruled that New York City's controversial stop-and-frisk policy was unconstitutional. When Bill de Blasio took the mayor’s office, he fulfilled his campaign promise by moving quickly to reform stop-and-frisk. But three weeks ago, de Blasio found himself defending his decision to dial down stop-and-frisk. | Christopher Gregory/Getty Images

Ending the carnage on Chicago’s streets will take more than talk

If you had to give up some of your personal freedom to reduce the deadly violence in your neighborhood, would you? Would you be willing, for instance, to put up with the indignity that comes with a stop-and-frisk policing strategy?

File Photo. I John H. White~Sun-Times

Extra alarm over CPS preference in firefighter hiring

Mayor Rahm Emanuel barely caused a ripple of reaction two years ago when he announced Chicago Public School graduates would be given a leg up when applying for city jobs. But now that the city is preparing to take applications for firefighters for the first time in a decade, Emanuel’s “CPS preference” policy is sparking an outcry from some city residents who say it discriminates against graduates of Catholic and other private schools.

Republican candidate for governor Bruce Rauner shakes hands at a restaurant, during a campaign stop Friday in Chicago. (AP Photo/Stacy Thacker)

Rauner choosy about what corporate loopholes to close

Republican Bruce Rauner last month offered up his ideas for closing special interest tax loopholes. Noticeably missing from Rauner’s proposal, however, was a loophole Gov. Pat Quinn and other Democrats have argued would sensibly save the state $100 million a year. As it happens, that’s a loophole from which Rauner personally benefits.

Doomsday Clock ticks for Illinois

Remember the ominous “Doomsday Clock” with its symbolic “countdown” to a global disaster like nuclear war, and more recently, climate change? It’s also a useful way to consider another potential disaster much closer to home: Government meltdowns at all levels over the daunting challenge of funding retiree pensions and medical benefits, and providing basic programs and services, without imposing huge tax increases that drive businesses and individuals out of Illinois, or massive layoffs and draconian spending cuts that hurt people. 

Standing up to the People of the Gun

It’s a picture-perfect summer day, bright sun, sparkling skies. And here I am, stuck waiting for another press conference in another stuffy meeting room. Up front stood a bundle of boys and girls, 25 or so, preschoolers in pigtails, strapping youths sporting football jerseys, assembled at the podium, to pose with the politicians and preachers. What’s wrong with this picture? 

President Barack Obama delivers remarks about Obamacare in April. (File Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Obamacare's never-ending story

Obamacare appears headed for another rendezvous with the U.S. Supreme Court. The justices bent over backwards, well mainly Chief Justice John Roberts did, to save the Affordable Care Act two years ago. Will similar legal gymnastics be found to rescue President Barack Obama and Democrats from the clear text of the law this time?

Pat Quinn

Governor's TV ad race in search of a home run

They’ve already begun. The governor’s election isn’t until November, but turn on the TV any time of the day and you’ll see Republican gubernatorial contender Bruce Rauner blasting Gov. Pat Quinn in a “broken promises ad.” 

Kenneth C. Griffin and his wife, Anne Dias Griffin. | Andrew Campbell photography

Timing of divorce filing stuns billionaire Ken Griffin’s wife

Sneed is told that billionaire CEO Ken Griffin stunned his estranged second wife, Anne Dias Griffin, by filing for divorce Wednesday just before the courts closed while she and their three children were en route out of the country. News of the powerhouse couple’s divorce proceedings sent shockwaves throughout the philanthropic community, which is indebted to the couple’s generosity. It also saddened close friends.

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