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GOP nominee for governor, Bruce Rauner at an Illinois Business Immigration Coalition event designed to call on members of Illinois Congressional delegation to publicly support immigration reform and call it for a vote in the U.S. House. | Richard A. Chapman/Sun-Times

Robo-calls raise Rauner-Rahm rift

Clearly perturbed by a round of Bruce Rauner robo-calls made to Chicago residents on Tuesday, Rahm Emanuel took out the political filet knife and stuck it right into the mayor’s old fishing buddy — using Rauner’s own words against him. Emanuel’s camp said Rauner’s move to call tens of thousands of Chicago property owners and tell them Gov. Pat Quinn should veto a bill that aims to stabilize the city’s pensions, amounted to someone who was “already acting like a career politician.” 

Jim Oberweis, the Republican nominee to oppose U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin, joined other GOP leaders in Chicago on Tuesday to urge action on immigration reform. Oberweis says he regrets his "harsh tone" on immigration in the past. | Richard A. Chapman/Sun-Times

Oberweis apologizes as GOP leaders urge action on immigration

A Who's Who of Illinois Republicans gathered Tuesday to promote immigration reform — including a former leading opponent to the movement who said he had changed. U.S. Senate hopeful Jim Oberweis told reporters after the event that a past ad he cut showing him in a heliicopter hovering over Soldier Field and talking about illegal immigrants was "a mistake."

Angelika Noel, 17, poses with Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., during a visit to Josephinum Academy in Chicago to participate in a discussion on school choice Tuesday. (AP Photo/Andrew A. Nelles)

Rand Paul to Chicago African Americans: The GOP wants you

U.S. Sen. Rand Paul, R-Kentucky, who is mulling a presidential run, said today that he's set out to bring more African Americans into the Republican party and Chicago wasn't a bad place to start. Paul said Chicago could be eligible for $1 billion in funding if legislation he's proposed passes. The proposal would allow development of economic centers in qualifying cities, he said.

Bruce Rauner | AP Photo

Rauner's call to Chicagoans: Tell Quinn to veto property tax bill

Bruce Rauner has seized upon Chicago's pension crisis as a campaign issue, calling on Gov. Pat Quinn to veto a bill that could mean a hefty property tax hike for Chicago residents. Rauner's voice is greeting "tens of thousands" of Chicagoans today, urging them in automated phone calls to protest a proposed property tax hike that would help fund pensions for city employees. 

Pat Quinn is just $53 million shy of earning as much in one year as his November rival Bruce Rauner. | Sun-Times file photo

Taxes: Gov. Quinn made $53.2 million less than rival in 2012

Gov. Pat Quinn has publicly released his 2013 income taxes, which show he was paid $161,962 last year. To put it another way: He earned about $53.2 million less than his GOP rival Bruce Rauner did in 2012.

Bruce Rauner and running mate Evelyn Sanguinetti will push for immigration reform along with other GOP leaders at a Chicago forum Tuesday.

Rauner, Edgar, Hastert to push GOP on immigration reform

GOP gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner will make a joint apperance with former Gov. Jim Edgar, former U.S. House Speaker Denny Hastert as well as a slew of Republican leaders on Tuesday in a push for Republicans to get on board with reforming immigration policies. 

John Thomas is shown leaving court Friday. The former federal informant is accused of stealing $370,000 from the village of Riverdale that was meant for the development of Riverdale Marina. | Richard A. Chapman/Sun-Times

Informant in Rezko, Carothers cases accused of stealing TIF money

Federal authorities gave long-time government mole John Thomas a Good Friday surprise, arresting him at his home early Friday morning.

Sen. Mark Kirk, R-Ill., recently said he will now campaign for Republican Senate candidate Jim Oberweis. | Michael Schmidt/Sun-Times

Mark Kirk’s conundrum in Durbin-Oberweis race

After U.S. Sen. Mark Kirk, R-Ill., suffered a major stroke in early 2012, a whispering campaign quickly followed. Reporters queried. Political operatives impatiently pushed. Would he come back? Could he come back? Shouldn’t he resign if he couldn’t return yet?

Bruce Rauner spent $15.2 million from the time he launched his bid in 2013 to the end of March. That was more than any of his rivals for the GOP nomination, which he won with 327,289 votes — meaning he spent about $46 per vote. | Associated Press

Rauner wins again, this time in money spent per vote

Sometimes, money can buy you love. In the contest for the Republican governor primary nomination, Bruce Rauner spent a staggering $15.2 million from the time he launched his bid in 2013 to the end of March. The spending eclipsed any of his rivals, paving the way for the Winnetka venture capitalist to not only clinch the GOP nomination in March, but walk away with more primary votes than even Gov. Pat Quinn.