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Sen. Mark Kirk R-Ill. (second from right) talks about his "stroke agenda," a quest to win more federal funding for stroke research and victim assistance during a news conference Wednesday at Northwestern Memorial Hospital-Prentice Women's Hospital. With him Dr. Richard A. Bernstein (left), of Northwestern University's Feinberg School of Medicine; Dr. Shyam Prabhakaran, of Northwestern Memorial Hospital; and Dr. Donald Lloyd-Jones, of the American Heart Association and American Stroke Association. | Michael Schmidt/Sun-Times

Sen. Mark Kirk pushing his "stroke agenda"

Sen. Mark Kirk R-Ill., suffered a stroke on Jan. 21, 2012 and he spent almost the entire next year recovering, returning to the Capitol on Jan. 4, 2013 with a newfound interest in stroke research.  Kirk on Wednesday met with a team of doctors to discuss his "stroke agenda, " a quest to win more federal funding for stroke research and victim assistance.

U.S. Sen. Mark Kirk R-Ill., talks about why he's campaigning for Republican U.S. Senate nominee Jim Oberweis on Wednesday during a news conference in Chicago. | Michael Schmidt/Sun-Times

Why Kirk is now campaigning for Oberweis for U.S. Senate seat

After distancing himself from GOP Senate nominee Jim Oberweis last month — and saying he wanted to “preserve” his relationship with Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., and not engage in a “partisan jihad” — Sen. Mark Kirk, R-Ill., in a switch said Wednesday he will campaign for Oberweis. “I was already at the Lake County Republican dinner last week with him,” said Kirk.

Schakowsky in Tokyo for Aspen Institute conference

Congress is on a break until the end of the month and Rep. Jan Schakowsky D-Ill. is in Tokyo for the Aspen Institute conference on "America’s Rebalance toward Asia: Trade, Security and Resource Interests in the Pacific."

Obama 2014 Passover seder: Guests, menu & Maxwell House haggadah

President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle on Tuesday host their 6th annual Passover seder at the White House and, as is their tradition, most of the guests are 2008 campaign workers who threw together a seder at a Harrisburg, Pennsylvania hotel during the heated 2008 Pennsylvania Democratic primary against Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Rep. Tammy Duckworth (D-Ill.) | AP Photo

Duckworth: $1,088,252 cash-on-hand

Freshman Rep. Tammy Duckworth D-Ill. raised $313,948 between January 1 and March 31 and has $1,088,252 cash on hand for her November contest against Republican rival Larry Kaifesh, a colonel in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve.

At Howard U, Michelle Obama to meet Chicago public h.s. students

First Lady Michelle Obama, a graduate of Whitney Young High School, will meet with Chicago public high school students visiting Howard University in Washington D.C. on Thursday, juniors and seniors who will take part in a program called “Escape to the Mecca, " run by Howard's  Chicago Peoples Union and  "designed to immerse talented high school students in a college campus environment," the White House said.

Obama guidance & press schedule, April 15, 2014: Passover seder

President Barack Obama on Tuesday meets with faith leaders to boost prospects for passing immigration reform (right now not very good), meets with Defense Sec. Chuck Hagel and then hosts his annual White House seder, with the core group of guests Obama 2008 campaign staffers who were in Harrisbug, Pa. battling Hillary Rodham Clinton in the brutal Pennsylvania Democratic primary on Passover 2008. The staffers put together a seder at a hotel on the campaign trail and Obama kept the tradition going when he reached the White House.

Schakowsky on pre-Passover Kansas Jewish Centers shootings

SHINGTON — As Passover begins on Monday evening with the first seder, Rep. Jan Schakowsky D-Ill. said the shootings at two Jewish community centers in Kansas — where three people were killed — was a "hate crime...probably meant to instill fear."